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Code of Conduct

In order to advance the principles of sportsmanship and fair play and to promote mutual respect among players, coaches, officials and spectators, the Sharon Travel Basketball Association has established this "Code of Conduct."

The Code of Conduct shall govern the actions of players, coaches and spectators. The Code is intended to provide behavioral guidance and establish clear expectations for all involved. The Code was not conceived to address every possible behavioral circumstance, however, it shall serve as Sharon Basketball's standard for behavioral evaluation. It shall be the obligation of all program participants, spectators and volunteers, to comply with the terms and provisions of the Code of Conduct.

Coaches, Parents and Spectators

All adults who supervise, coach, officiate or simply watch and cheer for the players on the court shall remain unconditionally supportive of Sharon Basketball's commitment to the ideals of good sportsmanship, team play, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority. Likewise, all adults shall remain sensitive to the physical and emotional well-being of the players. In order to adhere to these doctrines all adults agree as follows:

• You will be positive role models.
• You will display and instill in the players the principles of good sportsmanship and team play.
• You will conduct yourselves in a manner that best serves the interests of the players.
• You will do your best to provide the players with a positive experience.
• You will ensure that winning and/or losing teams do so in a manner which exhibits respect and good sportsmanship.
• You will treat everyone on the court (players, parents, spectators, opposing coaches and league officials) with respect.
• You will provide instruction in a manner that is constructive and supportive.
• You will not ridicule or demean players, coaches, officials or spectators.
• You will not tolerate behavior that endangers the health or well-being of a child.
• You will comply with the decisions of league officials and observe all rules, policy and procedure as established or endorsed by the Sharon Travel Basketball Association.
• You will teach the game of basketball to the best of your ability.
• You will be drug and alcohol-free while at any Sharon Basketball athletic event.
• You will not use any tobacco products in the gym or anywhere in the recreational and/or school facility.
• Coaches acknowledge the need to demonstrate fundamental proficiencies with respect to the game of basketball and first aid.

Consequently, all coaches agree to attend any skill sessions that may be required by the Board of Directors and moreover, any first aid courses that may be mandated by the Board.


You will
• display good sportsmanship and team play at all times.
• follow the direction of the coaching staff.
• respect all coaches, players, league officials, referees and spectators.
• make every attempt to be on time and ready to play for all games and practices.

You will not
• use abusive or profane language.
• taunt or humiliate any other player.
• question an official's call.
• abuse, mistreat or mishandle any Sharon Basketball or league equipment or property (e.g., kicking basketballs or hanging on rims)

At the discretion of your coach, a player may be taken out of a game or removed from any Sharon Travel Basketball-sponsored acitivity for conduct which is not consistent with the above Code.

The  SHARON TRAVEL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION strives to create a safe environment for our participants and volunteers of all capacities.  Under any circumstances we do not permit or allow sexual abuse or molestation to occur at any activity sponsored by or related to our Organization.  This “zero-tolerance” policy is made clear to all of our Directors, Officers, Coaches, Representatives and Volunteers affiliated with our program and we have adopted mandatory procedures that follow when they become aware of any allegation regarding sexual abuse or molestation. 
All Representatives of this Organization who learn of sexual abuse being committed must immediately report it to Association President.   We take allegations of sexual abuse seriously, once the allegation is reported we will promptly, thoroughly and impartially initiate an investigation to determine whether there is a reasonable basis to believe that sexual abuse has been committed.  We will report and cooperate fully with any investigation conducted by law enforcement or regulatory agencies.  We reserve the right to place the subject of the investigation on an involuntary leave of absence. 
All Representatives of our program are made aware of the following:
No individual representing  SHARON TRAVEL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION shall inflict any physical punishment on any child affiliated with our program.  “Physical Punishment” includes but is not limited to any striking or touching of a child anywhere on their body with any part of your body or similarly an object or gesture.  No representative of this program shall direct any other person or child to inflict any form of physical punishment on another child.
All Representatives of  SHARON TRAVEL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION will use clear and appropriate language when addressing children.  No exceptions will be tolerated.
All Representatives shall never put themselves in a situation or position where they are alone with a child in a private area. 
We prohibit any form of retaliation against anyone, including a volunteer, board member or individual, who in good faith reports sexual abuse, alleges that it is being committed or participates in the investigation.   Intentionally false or malicious accusations of sexual abuse are prohibited.  Anyone who retaliates improperly against someone who has made a good faith allegation of abuse, or intentionally provides false information to that effect, will be subject to discipline.