2015-2016 Travel Rosters

The teams for this year will be listed below. Once the teams have been chosen, the coaches committee will meet to select all coaches.

STBA Travel Basketball Guidelines for Playing Time

Girls 4th Grade Travel Teams
Boys 4th Grade Travel Teams
Girls 5th Grade Travel Teams
Boys 5th Grade Travel Teams
Girls 6th Grade Travel Teams
Boys 6th Grade Travel Teams
Girls 7th Grade Travel Teams

Boys 7th Grade Travel Teams
Girls 8th Grade Travel Teams
Boys 8th Grade Travel Teams

Travel: Girls 4th Grade

Asst. Coach
Players Braude, A
Bryant, B
Hager, R
Hertzel, A
Ibrahim, A
Leonardi, C
Nigrelli, M
Rabatsky, S
Skelly, A

Travel: Boys 4th Grade

Gold Maroon
Asst. Coach

Players Bernstein, A
Brown, R
Chen, S
Cheney, T
Conway, L
Harshfield, M
Hitter, C
Hoffman, M
McLoughlin, J
Rothbaum, S
Spoto, J
Weisman, J
Connors, Z
Katznelson, N
Litvak, B
Loomis, J
Marcus, J
Meixel, L
Schwartz, A
Segal, J
Shone, J
Spira, O
Widland, R
Wise, Z

Travel: Girls 5th Grade

Asst. Coach
Players Armon, C
Baker, A
Buckman, C
Burton, M
Foulsham, A
Freeman, E
Kessler, N
Kramer, A
Lee, L
Letendre, T
Lim, J
Mahoney, R
Reinbold, G

Travel: Boys 5th Grade

Gold Maroon
Asst. Coach

Players Chandrasekaran, K
Chorney, D
Conneely, C
Davis, R
Goldman, E
Glassman, J
Goodman, S
Goodman, T
Kaplan, S
Kaufman, J
Olson, L
Resca, T
Birken, L
Brown, J
Do, H
Freiberger, J
Grabie, L
Hogan, C
Horvitz, E
Kates, A
Lai, Z
Moyal, E
Nierman, R
Neti, R

Travel: Girls 6th Grade

Asst. Coach
Players Berger, A
Chen, F
Glass, R
Goldfarb, G
Harris, L
Lee, E
Magit, E
Merck, A
Nelson, E
Okstein, S
Payne, T
Solis, N
Theiler, D

Travel: Boys 6th Grade

Gold Maroon
Asst. Coach
Players Agus, S
Baker, R
Campagna, M
Cohen, S
Hippler, W
Eadara, A
Nigrelli, A
Persad, A
Waxman, Z
Zhang, J
Zunenshine, R
Blatte, C
Carter, E
Glassman, N
Jaffe, E
Kramer, D
Levinson, B
Mahoney, M
Nathan, J
Needle, Z
Schwartz, E
Spoto, B
Yaffe, N

Travel: Girls 7th Grade

Asst. Coach
Players Cabral, G
Early, J
Fandel, L
Fandel, S
Gelb, T
Kaufman, J
McAlevey, M
Huot, K
Nystrom, A
Romanow, C
Saks, T
Wallace, E

Travel: Boys 7th Grade

Gold Maroon Black
Asst. Coach

Players Baskin, M
Bryant, C
Chandrasekaran, K
Conway, O
Ghaddar, A
Jacobson, A
Kechedzhi, M
Litner, D
Nathan, B
Prakash, R
Skelly, E
Baker, D
Brown, J
Fandel, A
Hitter, J
Hoffman, A
McLaughlin, C
Rabb, A
Saks, J
Shone, E
Strom, S
Weeks, A
Weiss, B
Fishman, D
Khan, I
Khandaker, S
Lentell, C
Liao, S
Nault, J
Pototsky, E
Reddy, Si
Schnitzner, R
Srinivas, R
Weston, D
Xiong, J

Travel: Girls 8th Grade

Asst. Coach
Players Anbarasu, K
Berger, I
Brown, A
Dudziak, J
Glass, L
Herbert, T
Hu, J
Langol-Leonard, O
Lappen, M
Oglia, M
Teven, N
Wallace, K

Travel: Boys 8th Grade

Gold Maroon
Asst. Coach
Baker, C
Baur, M
Burton, A
Filipkowski, A
Glaser, A
Janksy, E
Kane, A
Karten, A
Karten, J
Kosowsky, J
Yas, G
Bryant, T
Fahy, A
Freeman, S
Goodman, S
Gray, E
Kiernan, M
Osofsky, J
Pozner, M
Ross, J
Salvatore, C
Schustek, J
Wright, D

Sharon Travel Basketball Association
Playing Time Guidelines

The Sharon Travel Basketball Association, Inc. is an independent non-profit corporation dedicated to the boys and girls of Sharon, Massachusetts and is focused on the development, management and administration of the Sharon Travel Basketball program. We are advocates for the development and growth of basketball in the Town of Sharon. Through our program and our efforts we seek to promote athletic excellence, good sportsmanship and citizenship, respect for others and self, fair play, and a balance between individual achievement and cooperative teamwork, all within the context of competitive basketball.

Toward those ends, the STBA has set the following guidelines regarding playing time for boys and girls in the program:

• Every player will play in every half of every game.
• Travel basketball is more competitive than Recreational basketball. In Recreational basketball, playing time is divided exactly equally between all players. Travel basketball inherently includes a greater focus on playing competitively, and it is not expected that all players will play the same amount. In games that are not close, playing time will be apportioned more evenly in an effort to develop all players.
• The coach may use playing time to emphasize the importance of practice attendance, behavior, team rules, and timeliness.

STBA President: Mike Baker | Contact STBA Webmaster